CPH-LEDLE LED Electric Heater

CPH-LEDLE LED Electric Heater

£299.00 +TAX

With remote control & touch buttons
Color could be selected from 16 RGB LED preset during the operation
Power selection from 900, 1200, 2100 w
UK plug with 1.8m cable


£299.00 +TAX

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Having a multi-color electric heater with RGB LED functionality allows you to customize the color to match your decor or create a desired ambiance. With the ability to change colors, you can easily set the heater to a color that complements the overall aesthetics of your room or aligns with your mood or preference at any given time. This feature provides flexibility and personalization, making the electric heater not only functional but also visually appealing.

  • The electric heater is multi-color with RGB LED functionality.
  • The RGB LED allows you to change the color of the heater as needed.
  • You can customize the color to fit your decoration or desired ambiance.
  • The heater provides flexibility and personalization in terms of visual aesthetics.
  • It adds both functionality and visual appeal to your room.
  • An upgraded design, with powerful heating of up to 2000 watts.