CPH-FS2000B Free Standing Quartz Heater (Black)

CPH-FS2000B Free Standing Quartz Heater (Black)

£99.00 +TAX

Cozy warmth and modern elegance in sleek Black color

Energy-efficient and user-friendly design

Powerful quartz heating elements for quick and even heat distribution

An attractive addition to any living space

Built-in safety features for peace of mind (tip-over and overheat protection)

Easy-to-use control panel and remote control for customizable settings

Eco-friendly, saving on energy costs

Portable and easy to move from room to room

Durable and stylish heating solution for your home.

£99.00 +TAX

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This electric patio heater comes equipped with built-in safety features to provide peace of mind while in operation. The tip-over protection and overheat protection systems ensure automatic shut-off in case of accidental tipping or excessive heat. It can easily adjust the heat settings and thermostat to your preferred comfort level. The intuitive control panel and remote control allow for effortless customization from anywhere in the room.

220~240v, 50Hz
Max power 3000w
Adjustable power 900, 1200, 2100w
Adjustable height from 1.94m to 2.09m
Two heating halogen lamps
Rocker switch control