CM-8000A evaporative air cooler

CM-8000A evaporative air cooler

£303.02 +TAX

It features a medium size, making it suitable for various outdoor spaces.

The air cooler has excellent airflow capabilities.

Its slim design adds to its appeal and practicality.

£303.02 +TAX

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The CM-8000A Evaporative Air Coolers (also known as swamp or wet cooling machines) function by pulling in hot air and passing it over a water surface within the device. The water absorbs the heat from the air and evaporates, resulting in cool and humid air being expelled from the cooler. This cooling method is different from air conditioners, which use refrigerant chemicals for cooling and are not suitable for outdoor use.

Voltage/frequency: 220V/50HZ
Airflow: 8000 m3/h
Power: 280 watt
Cooling Area: 30-50 m2
Fan type: Axial
Fan speed : 3 speeds
Water Tank: 125L
Dimensions : 1360x840x400 mm
Manual Fill or Direct Water
Net weight: 35 kg
Swing: Auto function, left to right