CM-75000s slim evaporative air cooler

CM-75000s slim evaporative air cooler

£238.42 +TAX

Slim air cooler
Perfect for tight patio corners or between furniture
Good airflow
Height: approximately 1.5m
Powered by 2 axial fans
Versatile and effective cooling solution

£238.42 +TAX

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The CM-7500s slim air cooler is a cooling machine with a unique advantage over other 8000m3/h outdoor coolers – its slim design. With a width of only 50cm, it is ideal for fitting into tight patio corners or between furniture. Despite its compact size, the CM-7500s does not compromise on performance. It boasts good airflow, thanks to its 1.5m tall design powered by 2 axial fans. This combination of slimness and efficient airflow makes it a versatile and effective cooling solution for outdoor spaces.

Power supply: 220-240vac/50Hz
Max air flow: 7500 m3/h
power consumption: 160w
Fan speeds: 3 speeds
Cooling area:25-40 m2
Water consumption: 6-10 L/h
Water tank: 30 L
Net weight: 25 kg
Dimensions: 515 x 350 x 1550 mm
Swing: Auto /left to right