5L ULV Cold Fogger

5L ULV Cold Fogger

£100.75 +TAX

You can change the nozzle to achieve the needed droplet particle size, according to the needed application.

£100.75 +TAX

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The 5L ULV Cold Fogger is an innovative and powerful device designed to disperse chemical solvents or disinfectants with remarkable efficiency. Using advanced air atomization technology, this fogger generates a high-speed and ultra-fine mist of high-density particles, ensuring thorough coverage and effectiveness. Its versatile features, such as adjustable atomization volume and particle size, make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Model: CF5L
Tank capacity: 5L
Motor: 220V-240V -50Hz
Power: 1000W
Atomization Volume: 470ml/min(adjustable)
Particle size: 10-150μm(adjustable)
Effective range: 3-8m
N./G. Weight: 2.61/3.78kg
Dimension: 560*240*320mm
Chemical: Handles both oil-and water-based chemical solutions
Optional: 24vdc battery power supply