Automatic Hygienic Toilet Seat (with sensor)

Automatic Hygienic Toilet Seat (with sensor)

£247.50 +TAX

Automatic toilet seat with sensor

PP gloss finish cover

User-friendly roll film mechanism controlled by a switch or proximity sensor

Equipped with ultraviolet sterilization for improved hygiene.

£247.50 +TAX

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The automatic toilet seat is designed with the latest technology and can fit 95% of toilets available in the local market. It features a PP gloss finish cover and a double-layer flame-resistant ABS seat capable of supporting up to 400kg weight. The seat also has a slow close damping mechanism for a gentle closing motion. Users can roll the film by using a switch or proximity sensor, and there is a delay function to prevent film wasting. Additionally, the seat is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization for the film, ensuring better hygiene.

Available: Hygienic toilet disposable plastic film rolls.