Bioethanol Fireplace, Patio Fire Firepit with Adjustable Flame, Outdoor & Indoor

Bioethanol Fireplace, Patio Fire Firepit with Adjustable Flame, Outdoor & Indoor

£59.00 +TAX

  • Stylish firepit with adjustable smokeless flames
  • High-quality powder coating & stainless steel materials

£59.00 +TAX

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Product Description:

Quality Materials: Powder-coated rust-proof steel, stainless steel, and fireproof borosilicate glass are used, ensuring durability and reliability with a proven track record.

Versatile Placement: Suitable for a variety of spaces including gardens, terraces, balconies, loggias, party houses, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

Compact Design: The standing fireplace’s compact design allows for placement almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, creating an instant and atmospheric ambiance.

Elegant Rockery Effect: Contrasting white decorative pebbles surround the stainless steel burner, creating an elegant rockery effect that combines the elements of fire, air, and earth.

Stylish and Timeless: The fireplace serves as a stylish and timeless decoration, enhancing any space with fascinating flames.

Clean and Hassle-Free: Experience an incomparable fire magic without the mess, as the fireplace produces no ash, smoke, or soot.

Product Specification:

Dimensions: Height: 80.5 cm, diameter: 26.5 cm
Flame height: Approx. 10 – 25 cm (depending on the environment, the more windy, the larger the flame)
Burning time: Depending on the quality of the bio-ethanol, approx. 180 minutes. per burner filling (max. 400 ml)
Fuel: Liquid bio-ethanol (important: do not use ethanol gel paste or lamp oil)
Box contents: Powder-coated metal base, quality glass cylinder made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, powder-coated metal extinguishing stamp, 2 x stainless steel burners (tank), 1 x stainless steel tongs for burner replacement, decorative pebble white, outdoor cover, instruction manual
For your safety: Before commissioning, please read the instruction manual and observe the safety instructions

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 26.5 × 80 cm