Eco premium pedestal fan 26′

Eco premium pedestal fan 26′

£133.77 +TAX

Motor EC brushless motor
High performance
Fully sealed
6 speeds
9 hours timer

£133.77 +TAX

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Climate+ industrial fans is their versatility. They offer multiple modes to cater to different scenarios. These modes include a 9-hour timer setting, natural wind setting, sleep mode, and 6 adjustable fan speeds. The timer setting enables you to schedule the fan to turn on or off after a specified duration, while the natural wind setting mimics the sensation of a gentle breeze. Sleep mode is designed to create a comfortable environment for sleeping, and the 6 adjustable fan speeds allow you to customize the airflow according to your preference.

Climate+ industrial fans are designed with smart features to enhance convenience and control. They can be operated using a remote control or a smartphone app, providing flexible options for managing the fan settings. The RF remote control has a range of approximately 10 meters, allowing you to adjust the fan without physically reaching it.

Input: 220v,50/60Hz,
Maximum Power: 20w-130w
ERP: 1.99(m³/min)/w
RPM: minimum RPM=650r/min, maximum RPM=1300r/min
Maximum Air Volume: 250m³/min,
Remote Control Hz433 RF, with learning function
Grill: 26 inch 12 lines strong grill
Blade:26 nch 3 blades Aluminum design
( lowest noise , max air volume): noise 68db
Pole: Adjustable height (145 – 162cm)
Base: 6kg”