26′ Portable Mist Fan

26′ Portable Mist Fan

£199.80 +TAX

Maintain optimal humidity levels
Improve the quality of the air
Reduces the dust
Cooling fast

£199.80 +TAX

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Climate+ 26′ Portable mist fan has a tank capacity of 42 liters that can be easily moved around. The 26′ mist fan refers to a misting fan with a fan blade diameter of 26 feet. A misting fan combines the cooling effect of mist with the air movement generated by a fan. The misting feature sprays a fine mist of water into the air, which then evaporates quickly, creating a cooling effect.

These fans are commonly used in outdoor areas like patios, sports events, or amusement parks to provide relief from heat during hot weather.

Fan size: 26” (650mm).
Power: 230W
Voltage: 220-240V
Height: 1.70-2.00m adjustable.
Fan motor protection: Water drop proof.
Speed: 3 Speeds Adjustable.
Tilt-adjustable: 30 degrees up and down.
Oscillation: 90 degrees automatically.
Water tank: 42 liters unbreakable plastic tank.
Continuance misting: 7 hours.
Coverage distance: 8m.
Reduce temperatures: 4oC-8oC.
Gross.Weight: 26.50KG.
Net.Weight: 24.00KG